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Heyl Royster defends developers, manufacturers, and sellers of medical and pharmaceutical products in a broad range of litigation, including personal injury claims, class actions, and constitutional challenges to pharmacy employment practices. Our clients are as diverse as the litigation we defend – we represent multi-national pharmaceutical concerns, as well as the neighborhood pharmacy.

Our deep roots in this litigation, coupled with our experience in defending product liability and medical malpractice claims, has taught us how to present complicated defenses in ways that judges and juries understand. When the reputation and ingenuity of a business are at issue, we know how to protect and promote those vital interests.

Heyl Royster understands that a product or product line is the life blood of our client's business and that effective handling of such litigation is critical to our client's economic well-being. We also appreciate that the most important litigation decision often is the selection of cases to be tried, as distinct from those cases which might warrant a quick and efficient resolution. This decision-making can have far reaching and long-lasting effects because of the precedent it establishes for future, similar claims, as well as the litigation reputation it creates for the client.

Using our experience and client-based philosophy in the defense of such claims, Heyl Royster has defended clients in litigation involving, among others, the following medical devices and prescription and over-the-counter drugs:

  • Wound Closing Devices
  • Orthopaedic hardware
  • Appetite Suppressants
  • Laxatives
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Blood Products
  • Narcotic Pain Management Compounds
  • Anesthetic Agents
  • Contraceptives
  • Psychotropics
  • Gastrointestinal Medication
  • Cholesterol Management Medication
  • Smoking Cessation Aids
  • Vaccine Preservatives


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