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The agricultural industry has gone through many changes over the last ten years and agribusinesses are seeking ways to adapt to these changes. Whether the solution is a merger, acquisition or joint venture, we can provide the legal services. Heyl Royster has represented more than 50 agricultural cooperatives in the State of Illinois in these and other areas. This representation includes corporate governance issues facing agribusinesses such as articles of incorporation and bylaw interpretations and amendments, and director issues. We also assist agribusinesses with formation of agricultural cooperatives, business corporations and limited liability companies. We assist agribusinesses with delicate employment issues as well as reviewing supply agreements, throughput agreements and grain contracts. We also support our agribusiness clients when they are involved with litigation.

The Illinois Agricultural Cooperative Act governs almost all agribusinesses in Illinois and is a little known statute. Because of the extent of our representation of agricultural businesses we deal with this statute on a daily basis. Agricultural cooperatives do not operate like Illinois business corporations and knowing how these entities operate is critical to providing them with the best legal representation possible.

Listed below are some of the areas of agribusiness where we are most active:

  • Mergers and consolidations between or among agricultural cooperatives
  • Asset purchases of agribusiness and grain companies
  • Joint ventures between and among agricultural cooperatives
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Contracting Issues
    • Corporate formation and dissolution
    • Real estate leases
    • Supply agreements
    • Throughput agreements
    • Grain contracts
  • Employment Issues
    • Employment contracts
    • Employee manuals and policies
    • FMLA
    • ADA
    • Workers' Compensation
    • Termination issues
    • EEOC complaints
    • Defense of employee claims
    • Department of Labor wage and hour issues
    • Training

Representative Clients

  • Ag View FS, Inc.
  • Ag-land FS, Inc.
  • Conserv FS, Inc.
  • Eastern Grain Marketing, LLC
  • Evergreen FS, Inc.
  • GROWMARK, Inc.
  • Heritage FS, Inc.
  • Northern Grain Marketing, LLC
  • South Central FS, Inc.
  • Southern FS, Inc.
  • Total Grain Marketing, LLC
  • Western Grain Marketing, LLC