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An untarnished license to practice is the most valuable asset a professional may have. When that license is at risk of being suspended, revoked, or placed on some manner of probationary status, it is essential to have experienced counsel representing you before the regulatory agency. This is particularly true when any disciplinary action, no matter how slight, can and likely will be preserved in an online database available to the public.  

Heyl Royster initially developed its Professional Regulation/Licensure Practice Group as a result of amendments to the Illinois Administrative Code requiring that out of court settlements in medical malpractice actions be reported to the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. This led to a surge of regulatory investigations and enforcement actions against physicians and nurses. As our experience in handling regulatory matters increased, we expanded our practice to all regulated professions.  

The Division of Professional Regulation of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is comprised of two divisions, the license/testing division and the enforcement division. The Department regulates over 200 professions including physicians, surgeons, nurses, veterinarians, locksmiths, and roof installers. Heyl Royster's Professional Regulation/Licensure Practice Group has represented individuals and companies in each of these professions as well as many others. 

Regulatory violations can result in severe penalties, including revocation or suspension of your license, probation, reprimands and censure in the form of inclusion on national databases for regulatory discipline. In addition, significant monetary fines may be imposed.  

Practice before the Department of Professional Regulation differs substantially from trial practice in the circuit courts. Once the Department files a complaint, it will usually schedule the matter for an informal conference to determine whether the case can be settled without recourse to a full administrative hearing. Expertise in preparing professionals for these informal conferences is essential as this conference offers the best opportunity to resolve the case quickly and inexpensively. 

Heyl Royster's Professional Regulation/Licensure Practice Group has extensive experience and expertise in representing professionals in licensure matters, regulatory investigations and the administrative hearing process. Our goal is to successfully represent professionals in all phases of the regulatory process including informal conferences, evidentiary hearings, and appeal of the administrative ruling to the circuit courts, appellate courts, and Illinois Supreme Court.


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