Heyl Royster




Heyl Royster has been very active in estate planning and administration for more than 60 years. Our attorneys offer expertise and experience in wealth transfer and succession planning. One of our goals is to provide for the personal and financial security of our clients' loved ones during the client's lifetime or at death.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, business executives, owners of privately held businesses, surviving spouses, professionals, and individuals who wish to protect their assets and provide for their own welfare and that of their families. The firm also represents banks, trust companies and individuals serving as executors and trustees. In doing so, we work closely with other family advisors and experts including accountants, bankers, trust officers, insurance experts, financial planners and investment managers. We emphasize an individual approach for all our clients and maintain personal relationships.

We provide tax planning for all clients from small estates to multimillion dollar estates. This includes planning for federal estate taxes, gift taxes and state inheritance taxes.

Our attorneys work closely with clients in the preparation of wills and trusts of all types. In addition, we handle special needs issues including guardianships for disabled adults and minors, asset protection planning, business succession planning and special use planning. We also advise and address special needs of estate heirs and trust beneficiaries. This includes those who cannot manage assets or who suffer from mental or physical disability.

Our attorneys have written articles and lectured on important issues in the estate planning and administration area. They have also handled all types of litigation in this area including will contest and estate claims.

Regardless of clients' needs, our attorneys are prepared to provide quality services in all aspects of estate planning, administration and probate.