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Claims Seminar Survey - Attendees

Thank you for attending Heyl Royster’s 32nd Annual Spring Claims Handling Seminar.
Following is a short survey to help us to continue to provide a quality atmosphere for the seminar.
We are gathering information on your experience of the seminar and the new venue.

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1) Venue

a. Was the Bloomington-Normal Marriott easy to find?

b. How was your experience with the parking deck?

c. What was your first impression of the Bloomington-Normal Marriott?

d. Once inside the venue, how was the signage to find our seminar space(s)?

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2) Food

a. How was the food during the break?

b. How was the food at the reception?

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3) Seminar

a. How was your registration process?

b. Does a Thursday afternoon work well for your schedule?

c. Is there a day of the week that would be better for you?

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