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Patrick Cloud


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Public Speaking

  • “Darkness Falls: Exposure to Extracontractual Liability”
    Heyl Royster's 33rd Annual Claims Handling Seminar 2018
  • “Independent Counsel and the Ethics of the Tripartite Relationship”
    Insurance Coverage Institute: Downstate 2018
  • “Off the Field: Insurance Coverage Issues”
    Heyl Royster's 32nd Annual Claims Handling Seminar 2017
  • “Working Through Not-So-Common Coverage Issues”
    Heyl Royster's 31st Annual Claims Handling Seminar 2016
  • “Recent Developments in Insurance Coverage”
    Heyl Royster’s 30th Annual Claims Handling Seminar 2015
  • “The Insurance Jungle – Navigating Your Way to Successful Results”
    Moderator, Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, St. Louis, Missouri 2015
  • “Uncertainty Piled Onto Confusion: Jury Instructions In Construction Cases After Ramirez v. FCL Builders
    IDC 2015 Statewide CLE Series, Edwardsville, Illinois 2015
  • “Handling Insurance Coverage Disputes”
    Moderator, Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, Bloomington, Illinois 2014
  • “Insurance Coverage Update”
    Heyl Royster’s 29th Annual Claims Handling Seminar 2014
  • “Insurance Coverage Update”
    Heyl Royster’s 28th Annual Claims Handling Seminar 2013
  • “Insurance Coverage Update”
    Heyl Royster’s 27th Annual Claims Handling Seminar 2012
  • “Personal Auto Policy: The Fundamentals”
    PLRB/LIRB Claims Conference & Insurance Services Expo, Orlando, Florida 2012
  • “Insurance Coverage Update”
    Heyl Royster's 26th Annual Claims Handling Seminar 2011
  • “Insurance Coverage Update”
    Heyl Royster’s 25th Annual Claims Handling Seminar 2010
  • “Personal Auto Policy: The Fundamentals”
    PLRB/LIRB Claims Conference & Insurance Services Expo, Nashville, TN 2011