Heyl Royster


Roger Clayton

Roger Clayton

Significant Cases

  • Witherell v. Weimer 85 Ill. 2d 146 (1981) Estoppel to assert statute of limitations based upon ongoing treatment with defendant physicians; also allowed testimony of pharmacist on a physician duty of care in prescribing medications.
  • Walter v. Hill 156 Ill. App. 3d 708 (3d Dist. 1987) Failure to file affidavit of merit with medical malpractice complaint when filed did not preclude filing affidavit after statute of limitations had run.
  • Hartford v. Gulf 837 F.2d 767 (7th Cir. 1988) Interpretation of conflicting additional insured clauses in insurance policies.
  • Fawcett v. Reinertsen 131 Ill. 2d 380 (1989) Extent of allowable questioning of a defendant physician.
  • Batten v. Retz 182 Ill. App. 3d 425 (3d Dist. 1989) It was not an abuse of discretion by the trial court in a medical malpractice action to dismiss plaintiff's complaint with prejudice and deny leave to amend even though required certificate of merit was only two days late in being filed. 
  • Case v. Galesburg Cottage Hospital 227 Ill. 2d 207 (2007) Time that elapses between voluntary dismissal of a plaintiff's complaint and its refiling pursuant to the limitation saving statute is not to be considered by a court when ruling on a motion to dismiss based on plaintiff's failure to exercise reasonable diligence to obtain service.
  • Post v. Methodist Medical Center of Illinois (3d Dist. 2008) Interpretation of 735 ILCS 5/622 certificate of merit requirements. 
  • Helfers-Beitz v. Degleman 406 Ill. App. 3d 264, 939 N.E.2d 1087 (3d Dist. 2010) Hospital not responsible for physician's acts of sexual misconduct nor for negligent hiring, credentialing or retention where hospital made reasonable inquiry.


  • Represented physicians and nurses in disciplinary proceedings before the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
  • Represented large multi-specialty physician group in sale of group to hospital.
  • Represented hospitals and physicians in purchase of physician practices.
  • Drafted medical staff bylaws, codes of ethics, HIPAA and corporate compliance programs, and contracts for numerous hospitals.
  • Represented hospitals and physicians in medical staff privilege proceedings.
  • Represented hospitals against actions by governmental agencies including, but not limited to, charity care, cost reporting, and EMTALA violations.


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Public Speaking

  • “Defending Licensing Disciplinary Actions”
    Illinois Provider Trust Annual Meeting 2018
  • “Get on Board! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!”
    Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN), Annual Conference 2017
  • “Recent Trends in Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Actions”
    Heyl Royster's 32nd Annual Claims Handling Seminar 2017
  • “Physician Lease Arrangements: New Rules”
    Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN), Annual Conference 2016
  • “Legal Options for Specialty Physician Contracting”
    Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN) Webinar 2016
  • “How to Prepare Physicians and Nurses for Deposition and Trial Testimony When They Are Overly Emotional About the Case”
    Illinois Society of Healthcare Risk Management Annual Meeting 2013
  • “Update On Corporate Compliance”
    Proctor Hospital 2012
  • “Defense Handling of Day In the Life Videos”
    Illinois Defense Counsel Spring Symposium (Chicago) 2012
  • “Guilty/Not Guilty - It’s Up to You!”
    Family Practice Residency Program 2009
  • “Health Law 101”
    Community Memorial Hospital 2009
  • “Current Issues Involving Medical Staff and Board Bylaws”
    Paris Community Hospital 2009
  • “End of Life Legal Issues”
    Methodist Medical Center 2009
  • “DNR Issues”
    Proctor Hospital 2008
  • “Thinking About Risk Reduction and Patient Safety From a Proactive Risk Management Perspective For Behavioral Health Services”
    Methodist Medical Center 2008
  • “Good Care Reduces Cost”
    Methodist Medical Center 2007
  • “Avoiding Malpractice in the Emergency Department”
    Methodist Medical Center 2007