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Bradford Ingram

Bradford Ingram


  • “A Rebate Ordinance Does Not Create a Protected Property Interest,” Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2017) - Download Article
  • "Recent Civil Rights Decisions," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2015) - Download Article
  • "Civil Rights Update - Absolute and Qualified Immunity: Recent U.S. Supreme Court and Seventh Circuit Decisions," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2014) - Download Article
  • "Rule 41(a) Voluntary Dismissal in Federal Court Takes Effect Immediately Upon Filing, Not When Docketed," Illinois Defense Counsel Quarterly (2008) - Download Article

Public Speaking

  • “Harassment-Free & Diversity Workplace Training, Internal Investigations & Successful Workplace Management: Documentation”
    Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce 2018
  • “Independent Contractors v. Employees- Who Can Get You In The Most Trouble?”
    Heyl Royster “Avoiding Litigation Part Deux” Seminar 2018
  • “Harassment-Free and Diversity Workplace Training, Internal Investigations, and Successful Workplace Management: Documentation”
    IAPD and IPRA Soaring to New Heights Annual Conference 2018
  • “The Final Rule: 2016 Update to the FLSA”
    Heyl Royster Employers' Day Seminar 2016
  • “DOL Overtime Rules”
    Rock River Human Resource Professional Association 2016
  • “Legal Issues for Business Owners”
    National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) 2016
  • “Investigations”
    How to Protect Your Company/Minimize Risks in the Workplace Heyl Royster Seminar 2014
  • “Defending Governmental Entities in Section 1983 Claims”
    IDC Fall Conference, Chicago, IL 2009
  • “Whistle Blower Protection in Illinois”
    Peoria County Bar Association 2008
  • “Harassment Awareness Training”
    Illinois State Bar Association, Bloomington, Illinois 2007
  • “Case Law, Discovery, Motions and Summary Judgment: Review of Recent Case Law”
    Illinois State Bar Association, Chicago, Illinois 2007
  • “Family Medical Leave Act: A Primer, Legislative, and Case Law Update for Employers”
    Proctor Corporate Health Forum 2007
  • “The Illinois Workers' Compensation Reform Act of 2005”
    Association Occupational Health Professionals 2005
  • “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Do You Know What It Is?”
    ISBA - Corporations, Securities, and Business Law Section Council 2005
  • “The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993: How to Successfully Manage Employee Leave Under the Act: Illinois Workers' Compensation Defense Strategies”
    Illinois State University 2005