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Workers' Compensation Resources

Workers' Compensation Resources

Workers' Compensation House Calls

If you or your organization is interested in a presentation on the recent Amendments to the Workers' Compensation Act and how they will affect your claims handling, Heyl Royster would be happy to visit.

To schedule your "house call" please contact:

Kevin Luther - kluther@heylroyster.com
Bruce Bonds - bbonds@heylroyster.com
Craig Young - cyoung@heylroyster.com

How to Defend High Exposure and Catastrophic Workers' Compensation Cases
An interview with Bruce Bonds.

Workers' Compensation Legislation Update - June 6, 2011 - Download PDF

30th Annual Claims Handling Seminar Materials - May 28, 2015 - Click here

Below the Red Line - Heyl Royster Workers' Compensation Newsletter

This publication features workers' compensation issues and developments in the law, as well as a workers' compensation case law update. Please click on the issue topic for a link to that publication.

Most Recent Issues


     January     Recent Developments in Workers' Compensation Law


     December    Supreme Court Puts Brakes on Traveling Employee Doctrine Expansion

     November    Section 19(d) and Refusals to Cooperate with Medical Treatment Recommendations
     October        Workers' Compensation Updates - The Word on the Street
     August         Applying Mailbox Rule to Judicial Filings, Traveling Employer Rulings, and Commission News

     July              "Arising Out Of" Cases
     April            Appellate Practice Update    
     February      A Disturbing Trend In Recent WC Appellate Decisions


     December     Voluntary Recreational Activities: What Employers Need To Know
     November     Workers' Compensation Fraud     
     September     AMA Guidelines Update
     August          Pro Se Settlement Contracts
     June              The Defense of Stress Claims
     April             Third Party Issues
     March           Open Settlement Contracts
     February       AMA Guidelines

Past Issues

     Click here for past issues.

If you would like our practice group newsletter to address a specific topic, please contact our newsletter editor, Brad Elward, or Craig Young.