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Heyl Royster



Firm Seminar/Webinar: "Medical Cannabis: A Primer for Employers and Governmental Entities"


Heyl Royster hosted a webinar and seminars in several locations around the state that covered aspects of Illinois’ medical marijuana law that are of interest to both public and private-sector employers. The Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act became effective on January 1, 2014. While much of the Act will be governed by state agencies, there are immediate concerns that any employer should be aware of, as well as specific matters that local public bodies must address, such as zoning issues. The first session of this seminar/webinar focused on what employers need to know about the Act, and the second session addressed issues specific to governmental entities.

April 30, 2014: Peoria, IL
Speakers: Tim Bertschy, John Heil, Chrissie Peterson, Greg Rastatter, John Redlingshafer and Debra Stegall

May 5, 2014: Urbana, IL
Speakers: Stacy Crabtree, Keith Fruehling, Chrissie Peterson and Brian Smith

May 13, 2014: Rockford, IL
Speakers: Mark McClenathan and Lynsey Welch

Subjects covered during the seminar:

I. What Employers Need to Know
Both public and private-sector employers are advised to familiarize themselves with the new law. Topics include:

  • Overview of the New Law
    • A Brief Review of the Statute
    • Difficulties Created by the Law
  • Key Issues for Employers
    • Rights of Employers vs. Rights of Employees
    • Employer Policies
    • Scenarios Employers may Face

II. What Governmental Entities Need to Know
The new law gives counties and municipalities the authority to adopt reasonable zoning regulations for cultivation centers and dispensaries. Failure to adopt specific zoning regulations for dispensaries and cultivation centers may lead to them being preexisting uses if regulations are adopted after one of these facilities locates in your community. Topics include:

  • Employee Regulations
    • Unique Due Process Rights of an Employee
    • Substance Abuse Policies
    • Commercial Driver’s Licenses
  • Land Use Restrictions
    • Zoning – The Authority to Regulate
    • Permitted Uses vs. Special Use Permits
    • What Constitutes Reasonable Restrictions