Heyl Royster


Heyl Royster



Employment & Labor Seminar/Webinar: "How to Protect Your Company/ Minimize Risks in the Workplace"



This seminar was designed to inform business owners and managers, HR professionals, EPLI carriers, and supervisors on how to stay current and remain compliant with the latest developments in employment law. Our Employment & Labor attorneys discussed workplace best-practices in the context of precedent-setting cases, legislative changes, and past and future contemplated agency actions. This seminar also covered what you can do before, during, and after an incident to protect your employer and/or business.

This Seminar/Webinar Covered:

  • EEOC Initiatives 2012-2016
    Be prepared
  • NLRB Decisions
    How they impact your work environment
  • Workplace Leave Requests
    Learn how the FMLA and ADA limit employer options
  • Documentation
    How to successfully discipline or terminate employees
  • Internal Investigations
    A powerful deterrence to future harassment and avoidance of agency investigations