Heyl Royster


Heyl Royster



Upcoming Governmental Seminar: Public Finance 101


Heyl Royster's "Public Finance 101" seminar provided a general overview of financing available for not only these types of capital projects, but in those other instances where you need extra funds for day-to-day operations. Elected officials, treasurers, CPAs, and engineers who attended this seminar gained a better understanding of:

  • How revenue can be generated through basic taxation and the limitations faced by certain communities.
  • The short and long-term borrowing options available for public bodies.
  • What motor fuel tax can and cannot be spent on.
  • What grants are commonly awarded for capital projects.
  • How a tax increment finance district works to pay for infrastructure.
  • How a special service area or special assessment areas work.

Attendees were presented with information in the context of real-world scenarios and were given a better understanding of how one or all of the financing alternatives may work together, leveraged against one another for the benefit of the community, and what liabilities and obligations come with each form of financing.