Heyl Royster



Keyt and Redlingshafer Address Township and Municipal Officials


During the week of September 19, Andy Keyt and John Redlingshafer spoke at a seminar sponsored by the Township Officials of Illinois, and later as featured panelists at the annual Illinois Municipal League Conference. Keyt and Redlingshafer spoke to Township and Road District officials from throughout the state of Illinois on “The Prevailing Wage Act and You,” a presentation focused on annual obligations for public bodies under the Act. The Township Officials of Illinois have asked the duo to provide a follow-up session on bidding construction projects that will build upon this first event. At the Municipal Attorneys’ session, John spoke on a recent United States Supreme Court decision (Reed v. Town of Gilbert), and discussed how the decision could impact the constitutionality of local sign ordinances. The next day, Andy and John served as panelists and presenters on First Amendment issues in municipalities, including the public’s right to assemble, petition the government, zoning restrictions, and interaction with citizens on municipal social media accounts.