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Ruckman Speaks on Outsmarting the Trucking Reptile


Heidi Ruckman spoke at an “Outsmarting the Trucking Reptile” advanced workshop hosted by the DRI Trucking Law Committee on May 24 in Chicago. The program was led by foremost trucking defense trial lawyers and renowned Reptile Expert Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D., of Courtroom Sciences, Inc. Ms. Ruckman’s presentation included Kanasky and another defense attorney, and it focused on opening statements, closing statements, direct examination, surviving cross examination, and rehabilitation of witnesses when the Reptile Theory is used by plaintiffs’ attorneys in trucking cases. It was attended by 200 lawyers and industry executives and streamed live to attendees around the country. Ms. Ruckman is Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Commercial Transportation Committee.