Heyl Royster



Barron and Mool Discuss Patient Safety Studies with Healthcare Risk Professionals


On February 8, Ann Barron and Deanna Mool presented a webinar entitled “PSO or MSA? Improving Healthcare Without Increasing Liability” to a joint audience of members of the Illinois Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ISHRM) and the Chicagoland Healthcare Risk Management Society (CHRMS). The presentation defined the meanings of a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) and Illinois’ Medical Studies Act (MSA), and explained the purposes of each. As Barron and Mool explained, PSOs are groups formed by healthcare providers that study and report on patient safety activities with the goal of improving medical care. Similarly, the Illinois MSA is a statute that is intended to ensure effective professional self-evaluation of medical providers and medical care in the interest of improving the quality of healthcare. Barron and Mool discussed the intricacies of both PSOs and the MSA in the context of how each operates, and the effects of each on healthcare-related litigation.