Heyl Royster


Heyl Royster



Seminar: Avoiding Litigation: Part Deux


Back by popular demand, the firm’s Business & Commercial Litigation Practice held the second annual “Avoiding Litigation” program in Peoria on March 1st. The topics included:

  • “Risk Transfer in Contracts: Key Provisions and Remedies You Must Have” presented by Mark McClenathan.
  • “Strategies to Get Paid: Mechanic Liens Act and other laws you need to know to collect those receivables” presented by Mark Ludolph.
  • “Tortious and Intentional Interference With Business Relations: More than Defamation” presented by John Heil.
  • “Liability Protection: How to Prevent the Piercing of the Corporate Veil: Is your Corporation or LLC bullet proof?” presented by Mark McClenathan.
  • “Restraining Orders – Temporary, Preliminary and Permanent: When, Why and How” presented by Syed Ahmad.
  • “Independent Contractors versus Employees: Who can get you in the most trouble?” presented by Brad Ingram.

Many thanks to Jordan Emmert, Mohit Khare and Andrew Wilt for their help in preparing the materials.