Heyl Royster


Heyl Royster



Mool Speaks on Physician Contracts, Hospital Board Responsibilities and Cybersecurity


On April 18, Deanna Mool presented a workshop entitled “Physician Arrangement Bootcamp” at the annual National Compliance Institute of the Health Care Compliance Association held in Las Vegas, NV. The working session was designed to assist compliance officers in developing systems to properly contract with physicians.

On April 25, Mool spoke to the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN) Southeastern Regional Governing Board Summit hosted by Wabash General Hospital in Mt. Carmel, IL. Mool gave two presentations. The first was “Hospital Board Responsibilities: A Guide for Success,” which covered the fiduciary duties of board members in small hospitals, parliamentary procedures, FOIA, and OMA responsibilities, and the regulatory environment for healthcare. The second presentation, “Understanding the Impact of IT Services and Cybersecurity” focused on threats to hospitals and the actions that hospitals can take to reduce the risks of cybersecurity issues. Attendees were CEOs and board members from ICAHN-member hospitals.