Heyl Royster



Robinson Speaks at IADC’s Professional Liability Roundtable in New York


Tyler Robinson spoke at the IADC Professional Liability Roundtable - Medical Liability Track at New York University School of Law in New York, New York. The conference was well attended and Tyler presented with Tom Dawson, CEO of TD&P Consulting, Inc. and Tom Geroulo from Bardsley Benedict + Cholden, LLP. Their topic was titled “Overcoming Sticker Prices: The Emergence of the Reasonable Value Approach.” This roundtable discussion focused on a dynamic market value damage rebuttal approach, the reasonable value approach. The panel explored the economic and healthcare policy underpinnings of the approach as well as identified practical tools necessary to develop a market rate estimate to rebut sticker prices that are fictional and are totally unmoored from the reality of arm’s length transactions actually taking place within the healthcare marketplace.