Heyl Royster



Ann Barron Presents at Illinois Law Summit


On March 6, Ann Barron spoke at the Women Lead With Illinois Law Summit at the University of Illinois College of Law. Ann spoke on "Harnessing the Power of Community: Philanthropy and the Importance of Giving Back." Ann’s presentation focused on how philanthropy and being involved in your community can be of value both professionally and personally. Ann was joined by other U of I alumnae, including the Honorable Jo Beth Weber (Jefferson County Resident Circuit Judge), the Honorable Debra Walker (Cook County Circuit Judge), as well as the Honorable Virginia Kendall (Northern District of Illinois) and Dr. Diana Uchiyama of the Illinois Lawyers' Assistance Program. The day was filled with presentations on how to find your passion for, and succeed in, the law. The end of the day included a toast to the University of Illinois College of Law Women’s Law Society which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.