Heyl Royster



Heyl Royster Attorneys and Paralegals Volunteer at Wills and Advance Directive Clinic


Seven attorneys and three paralegals from the firm’s Peoria office volunteered to provide legal services at a Wills and Advance Directive Clinic held at Neighborhood House in Peoria on Saturday, March 24, 2012. The firm’s attorneys included Tim Bertschy, Andy Keyt, Tim Kirk, Greg Rastatter, John Redlingshafer, Matt Thompson, and Natalie Thompson. Paralegals from the firm who participated included Rachel Ford, Laura Gilmore and Adam Harn. Five attorneys and six paralegals with Caterpillar also participated in the clinic.

The clinic, which is held twice a year, is presented by Prairie State Legal Services in conjunction with Heyl Royster and the Legal Services Division of Caterpillar Inc. Sandra Crow, who is the Volunteer Lawyer Program Coordinator for Prairie State, said that twenty people who would otherwise be unable to have wills and advance directives drafted were able to attend the clinic and walk away with their signed documents in hand. She said that the clinic is greatly appreciated by the recipients and that “a lot of good is done in a short amount of time.”