Heyl Royster



Heyl Royster Attorneys Undertake Leadership Roles with Peoria County Bar Association


Peoria Partner Craig Young was installed as President-Elect of the Peoria County Bar Association during its recent Annual Meeting. In addition, the following Heyl Royster attorneys have been appointed to leadership positions with the Association for 2013-2014: John Heil (Vice Chair – Public Relations Committee); John Redlingshafer (Vice Chair – Lincoln Memorial Banquet); Greg Rastatter (Chair – Membership Committee).

Six Heyl Royster attorneys have previously served as President of the Peoria County Bar Association: Clarence W. Heyl (1921); Richard N. Molchan (1976-77); Lyle W. Allen (1982-83); Robert V. Dewey, Jr. (1997-98); Rex K. Linder (2005-06); and Karen L. Kendall (2007-08). The Association was founded in 1879, and with more than 500 members is the largest regional bar association in downstate Illinois.