Heyl Royster



DRI Publishes Young and Elward on the Traveling Employee Doctrine


Craig Young and Brad Elward published an article entitled "Recent Advances of the Traveling Employee Doctrine" that appeared in the March 2014 issue of the nationally recognized Defense Research Institute publication, For The Defense. The article focuses on recent developments in the traveling employee doctrine, which serves as an exception to the long-standing rule that an employer's liability does not extend to injuries sustained while coming from or going to work. The authors analyze the recent Illinois Supreme Court case of Venture-Newberg, which held that the doctrine did not apply to a temporary employee hired by a construction firm to work at a specific location, who was injured while traveling to the job site. Craig and Brad point out some of the recent attempts to expand the doctrine, in both Illinois and across the country, and highlight some of the concerns an employer faces with traveling employees. Craig is the head of the firm's Workers' Compensation Practice and Brad handles workers' compensation cases before the Illinois appellate and supreme courts.


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