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Clayton Exhibits Apps at ABA TECHSHOW 2014


Roger Clayton (Peoria), chair of Heyl Royster’s Healthcare Practice Group, has developed two iPad apps for attorneys and recently exhibited those apps at the American Bar Association’s annual TECHSHOW in Chicago. Roger is a nationally recognized leader in the area of ipad use for attorneys, and the author of a blog entitled http://legalipad.com. He frequently travels across the country taking expert depositions with nothing more than his iPad. Roger’s apps are available on the App Store and include:
  • Second Chair Mobile which provides a reasonably priced case/file management tool without monthly fees for attorneys of all specialties with built-in fully customizable templates. It allows full annotation of PDF documents, handwriting/typing, exhibit lists and legal research from within the app. It even comes with preloaded, modifiable deposition outlines (or make your own)! Everything syncs with Dropbox or Oxygen Cloud so you can also view your information on any computer. Second Chair Mobile recently received a very favorable review from one of the industry’s top legal blogs, http://www.walkingoffice.com.
  • Second Chair Mobile Jury was a big hit at ABA TECHSHOW 2014. It allows litigators to pick a jury in a natural, unobtrusive manner while promoting eye contact and the development of rapport with prospective jurors. It is the only jury selection app that has drag and drop to move/excuse jurors, preloaded or custom questions, the choice to handwrite or type your juror notes, swipe to select juror avatars, colored backgrounds to tell at a glance favorable/unfavorable jurors, keeps track of peremptory challenges and exports notes. Second Chair Mobile Jury received favorable comments from several presenters at the educational sessions at ABA TECHSHOW 2014.

Roger and his son, Roger III at the recent ABA TECHSHOW 2014