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Hefflefinger and Bell Author DRI Article


Matt Hefflefinger, Co-Chair of the firm's Trucking/Motor Carrier Litigation Practice, and Andrew Bell authored an article in the latest edition of In Transit – the newsletter for DRI's Trucking Law Committee – entitled "Evidentiary Issues Involving Grief, Sorrow and Mental Suffering." In the article, Matt and Andrew discuss the fact that there are 24 states that allow claims for recovery for grief, sorrow and mental suffering related to the death of a next-of-kin, and how to address the validity of those claims. The article delves into key trial and evidentiary issues such as whether expert testimony is required, requirements for physical manifestation of anguish, the need to establish a loving relationship, and other practice pointers for defense counsel.

DRI (Defense Research Institute) is an international membership organization of lawyers involved in the defense of civil litigation. DRI provides resources for attorneys to provide high quality, balanced and excellent service to their clients and corporations. DRI has served the defense bar for more than 50 years.