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Stegall Featured in Leading Lawyers Magazine


Deb Stegall was recently featured in Leading Lawyers Magazine's 2015 Women's Edition in an article entitled "Invested in the Central Illinois Clients She Serves." The in-depth profile focuses on Stegall's  work representing  employers in the areas of risk management, workforce reduction, termination and employee discipline issues, but also highlights Stegall's passion for the law and genuine concern for the best interests of her clients.

In the article, Sue Campbell, Chief Executive of Community Memorial Hospital in Staunton, recalls when she first worked with Stegall. "My position with the organization at that time was the human resource coordinator…" Campbell said. "Deb Stegall soon became my best legal resource and closest adviser throughout this particular issue, and all of the years that have followed."

The article discusses Stegall graduating from Southern Illinois University School of Law and going to work in-house at Roadmaster Industries, Inc. – a position she continued in after Brunswick purchased Roadmaster's bicycle-and toy division – first as industrial relations manager and then as  in-house counsel. Her work at Brunswick ranged from employment matters to contracts, intellectual property, and risk management.

In 1999, Stegall joined Heyl Royster where, in addition to employment matters, her practice includes acquisitions and mergers, agribusiness, and healthcare. She is Vice Chair of Heyl Royster's Healthcare Practice and the firm's Hiring Partner.  

Kristi Zane, Chief Human Resources Officer at Crawford Memorial Hospital, said "Deb provides legal counsel and guidance on numerous issues. She has provided legal training to organizational leaders, has reviewed manuals for legal compliance, navigates us through various personnel issues, corrective action and terminations, and provides counsel for legal investigations."

"I rely on Deb's legal guidance from the small to the very large items to keep the organization in legal compliance and out of court," Zane said.

Among the traits that Zane most appreciates about Stegall is her high level of personal integrity. "I have never had an instance where Deb has deviated from the legal, ethical or moral basis in her guidance provided," she said. "Deb has always fostered confidence from my perspective…" Zane continued.

Zane also said that in addition to Stegall's legal knowledge, that she invests in building relationships with her clients. "She truly takes a personal interest in the welfare of the client and their organization," Zane said.