Heyl Royster



Hansen and Pratt published in IADC Medical Defense newsletter


Mark Hansen and Tyler Pratt's article entitled "Illinois Court Considers Physician Lawsuit Seeking Information Used by Hospital in Assessing Potential Employment" was featured in the June issue of the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) Medical Defense and Health Law newsletter. Their review discussed the decision of the Illinois Second District Appellate Court in Davis v Kewanee Hosp. In Davis, the court held that a physician was not entitled to seek disclosure of credentialing information that was obtained by a hospital prior to its withdrawal of an offer of employment to the physician. In the article, the authors discussed the care that hospitals must take in making informed employment decisions, and why it is important to be able to hold a candidate's peer evaluations in strict confidence. As the authors point out in the article, in reaching its holding the court "made clear that the privileges established by the Medical Studies Act and Credentials Act outweigh any individual private right to the information on the part of physicians who are applicants for employment."