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Nine Attorneys Author IDC Quarterly Publication


Nine Heyl Royster attorneys were featured in the Third Quarter edition of the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel's (IDC) Quarterly publication (Volume 25, No. 3).

Roger Clayton, Greg Rastatter, and Matt Thompson co-authored the Health Law Update column, which addressed an Illinois Supreme Court case, McVey v. M.L.K. Enterprises, LLC, that held that attorneys' fees and costs should not be deducted before calculating the amounts recoverable under the Health Care Services Lien Act, 770 ILCS 23/10.

Stacy Crabtree authored the Recent Decisions column, which highlighted two appellate court decisions; the first, Meade v. City of Rockford, held that a city council committee's settlement before a judge was unenforceable in light of the full council's subsequent rejection of the settlement, but the City's conduct was nevertheless subject to sanctions. Second, she reported on the decision in Bentley v. Hefti, which held that a motion for leave to amend a complaint does not "commence" an action for the purpose of the statute of limitations.

Brad Ingram contributed the Civil Rights Decisions column, which focused on three recent federal court decisions that addressed the duty to provide accommodation to an armed, violent, and mentally-ill suspect during the course of an arrest, qualified immunity in a case of private violence, and the pleading standards under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983.

Brad Peterson wrote the Workers' Compensation Report, which discussed the Bell v. Illinois Workers' Compensation Comm'n decision holding that an estate was entitled to recover accrued PPD benefits regardless of the existence of dependents.

Joe Feehan and Brad Keller wrote on the case of Calabrese v. Benitz in their Evidence and Practice Tips column. Their discussion of the Calabrese case focused on (1) how to properly preserve an appeal regarding a disputed evidentiary issue, and (2) the standard for claims of judicial bias.

Patrick Cloud authored the Insurance Law Update, which discussed additional limits to the targeted tender doctrine and focused on the recent AMCO Insurance Co. v. Cincinnati Insurance Co. decision.

Brad Elward serves as the Editor-in-Chief for IDC Quarterly.

[NOTE: The Fourth Quarter edition of IDC Quarterly has been published and also features articles from a number of HRVA lawyers. This issue will be covered in a subsequent Firm Update.]