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Heyl Royster



Attorneys Author Trucking Articles for DRI


Matt Hefflefinger, Andrew Bell and Brad Keller recently authored trucking litigation articles for DRI (the Defense Research Institute) publications. Matt authored "Dakter v. Cavallino: An Anomaly or the New Normal?" for DRI's For The Defense magazine. The article discusses a recent decision from the Supreme Court of Wisconsin that raises the issue of whether instructions can be given asking a jury to hold a truck driver to a higher standard of care than other motorists.

Andrew and Brad authored an article for DRI's In Transit – DRI's Trucking Law Committee newsletter – entitled "The Truck Driver: Keeping Your Most Important Witness Engaged." This article discusses the importance of appropriately counseling the truck driver during the entire lifespan of a trucking case. The authors conclude with the reminder, "In the end, it is up to you, as defense counsel, to forge a positive relationship with the truck driver. Developing a teamwork approach early will create the greatest opportunity of achieving the best outcome."