Heyl Royster



Firm Succeeds in Getting IHSA Dismissed from Catastrophic Injury Case


Heyl Royster represented the Illinois High School Association ("IHSA") in a Cook County lawsuit in which a high school volleyball referee was allegedly injured when the referee stand she was using suffered a mechanical failure and collapsed. Plaintiff's alleged injuries included vertebral fracture, torn biceps, and torn rotator cuffs. Plaintiff was represented by Clifford Law Offices, and the case presented significant potential exposure for the IHSA and its co-defendant, the Chicago Board of Education.  The firm filed a 2-619 Motion to Dismiss on behalf of IHSA on the grounds that the IHSA had no actionable involvement in the sporting event at issue, and had no control over the equipment. The Chicago Board of Education filed a similar motion. On March 10, after a contested hearing, the court dismissed all counts against the IHSA with prejudice.  Plaintiff was allowed to amend her Complaint against the co-defendant, so the litigation will likely proceed against the Board of Education without IHSA. Matt Hefflefinger, Andy Roth and Brett Mares represented the IHSA, and Brett Mares argued the Motion to Dismiss on behalf of IHSA.