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Heyl Royster



Attorneys Author IDC Quarterly Articles


The fourth quarter issue of the 2016 IDC Quarterly features articles by three Heyl Royster attorneys.

For the Civil Rights Update, John Heil authored an article entitled “Animal Abuse Case Provides Reminder as to the Low Federal Pleading Standard,” which discusses the minimal standards required for plaintiffs to plead a §1983 civil rights claim in federal court. Heil examines the ruling of the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Neita v. City of Chicago, a case in which plaintiff alleged a false arrest and illegal search related to being prosecuted for animal cruelty. Heil points out that the case is a reminder “that the summary judgment stage—and not the pleading stage—is the true ‘put up or shut up’ moment for civil plaintiffs.”

Brad Peterson and Lynsey Welch authored an article for the Workers’ Compensation Report which discusses proposed amendments to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission rules of practice, many of which are “being amended to reflect today’s practice and the implementation of an electronic database at the Commission.” The authors also discuss proposed changes to the rules regarding pre-arbitration, arbitration, and settlement.

Matt Thompson is currently the Associate Editor of IDC Quarterly, and in the back of this issue, Patrick Cloud, Doug Heise, Rick Hunsaker, Mark McClenathan, Tyler Pratt, Tyler Robinson, Tobin Taylor, Kendra Wolters and Maura Yusof are all pictured in the Association News.