Heyl Royster



Hansen and Mares Article on Non-Compete Agreements Published in IADC Business Litigation Newsletter


Mark Hansen and Brett Mares authored an article entitled “Consideration and Non-Compete Agreements: The State of the Law in Illinois,” for the latest edition of the Business Litigation Committee Newsletter of the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC). In the article, the authors discuss non-compete agreement with a focus on the element of “consideration” – the requirement that the parties must be obligated to do something they are not legally required to do, or to refrain from doing something they otherwise could. The article provides guidance to employers in light of Illinois case law, which is not completely settled in this area.

The IADC Business Litigation Committee consists of members involved in business and commercial litigation including: business torts, contract and other commercial disputes, e-commerce, antitrust issues, trade secrets and intellectual property, unfair competition and business defamation and disparagement.