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Seven Heyl Royster Attorneys Author IDC Quarterly Articles


The First Quarter issue of the 2017 IDC Quarterly features a detailed Monograph by Mark McClenathan entitled “Crossing the Line: Interference with Business and Contractual Relations,” as well as several additional articles by Heyl Royster attorneys. In the featured Monograph, McClenathan examines lawsuits filed by business owners who assert that a third party interfered with an existing or potential business relationship. Among the topics McClenathan covers are tortious interference, affirmative defenses, and punitive damages. He also discusses tortious interference claims involving attorneys.

In the Civil Rights Update, Brad Ingram authored an article entitled “A Rebate Ordinance Does Not Create a Protected Property Interest,” which discusses a case in which the plaintiff claimed constitutional violations when the City of Country Club Hills repealed a homeowner’s tax rebate. In the Health Law column, Roger Clayton, Mark Hansen, and Matt Thompson authored “Hospitals Beware: Apparent Agency Claims May Arise from Treatment Rendered at Offsite, Independent Clinics,” which discusses a recent Illinois appellate court decision that could expand the scope of potential apparent agency claims. Brad Peterson and Lindsey D’Agnolo authored an article for the Workers’ Compensation Report on an Illinois appellate court ruling that provides guidance on whether injuries that result from everyday activities such as bending, walking, and twisting are compensable.

Matt Thompson is the Associate Editor of IDC Quarterly.