Heyl Royster



Attorneys Author Articles for IDC Quarterly


The second quarter issue of the 2017 IDC Quarterly features articles by three Heyl Royster attorneys.

In the Evidence and Practice Tips column, Brad Keller discusses the Bruns v. City of Centralia case and a first district decision in the case of Peters v. R. Carlson & Sons, and how both cases play a role in Illinois’ Open and Obvious doctrine. In the Workers’ Compensation Report, Brad Antonacci talks about the significance of the Corn Belt Energy Corp. v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission case, and provides tips for defending the nature and extent of work injuries in the context of whether or not the defense should obtain an AMA impairment rating report. Emily Perkins authored an article entitled “Seventh Circuit Addresses the Parameters of Class-of-One Equal Protection Claims” for the Civil Rights Update column. The article reviews a Seventh Circuit decision that provided an extensive review of “class-of-one” equal protection claims. The court ruled that a showing of a pattern of discriminatory behavior can be sufficient to support such a claim even if the claimant cannot show they were treated differently than other similarly situated individuals.

Matt Thompson is serving as the Executive Editor of the IDC Quarterly.