Heyl Royster



Attorneys Author Articles for IDC Quarterly


The third quarter issue of the 2017 IDC Quarterly features articles by six Heyl Royster attorneys. This issue featured a Monograph, co-authored by Emily Perkins, that provides a broad analysis of the Tort Immunity Act. The “Evidence and Practice Tips” section was authored by Brad W. Keller, and it addressed the importance of due diligence for alternative service. Roger Clayton, Mark Hansen, and Matt Thompson authored the “Health Law” column on an Illinois Appellate Court case, Gapinski v. Gujrati, and the impact the decision may have on the ability of a party to deliver its own opening and closing arguments and examine witnesses. John Heil wrote the “Civil Rights Update,” which discussed the right to poll jurors after a verdict in the context of a civil rights action. John Heil is an IDC board member, Craig Unrath is Chair of the Amicus Committee, and Matt Thompson is the Executive Editor of the IDC Quarterly.