Heyl Royster



Attorneys Author IDC Quarterly Articles


The Second Quarter issue of the 2018 IDC Quarterly magazine features articles by five Heyl Royster attorneys.

In the Health Law column, Roger Clayton, Mark Hansen and Matt Thompson authored “Appellate Court Addresses Standard for Proximate Cause Opinion Testimony and Plaintiff’s Use of Voluntary Dismissal as a Tool to Disclose Additional Experts.” In their column, the authors discuss the Illinois Appellate Court (2d) ruling in the case of Freeman v. Crays, and conclude that “Freeman is useful to support motions to bar an opinion witness from providing expert testimony outside the scope of the witness’s expertise.”

Brad Elward and Patti Hall published “Judicial Reviews in the New World of eFiling,” as the Workers’ Compensation Report column. Their article discusses how the recent adoption of electronic filing in Illinois has made some matters more complex, especially for employers who must file an appeal bond, and provides helpful tips in navigating “the myriad of obstacles that all parties, but especially employers, face when filing a judicial review.”

Matt Thompson is the Editor-in-Chief of the IDC Quarterly. John Heil is an IDC Board member and chair of its Civil Practice Committee. Mark McClenathan is also on the IDC’s Board of Directors. Craig Unrath is chair of IDC’s Amicus Committee, and Patrick Cloud is Vice-Chair of the Insurance Law Committee.