Heyl Royster



Firm Wins Med Mal Jury Trial in Champaign Co.


Renee Monfort and Tyler Pratt successfully tried a medical malpractice case in Champaign County that was brought against two defendant obstetricians and a medical clinic. The plaintiffs alleged that one defendant obstetrician failed to properly diagnose intrauterine growth restriction (“IUGR”) in one twin fetus and implement additional antenatal testing, while the other obstetrician failed to perform a growth ultrasound and a C-section immediately upon the mother’s presentation to labor and delivery with ruptured membranes. Plaintiffs contended that these deviations resulted in one of the twins being stillborn. At the close of all evidence, the firm obtained a directed verdict in favor of the obstetrician who allegedly failed to diagnose the IUGR because the plaintiffs could not show that the lack of additional monitoring caused the fetal demise. The firm also obtained a jury verdict in favor of the client medical clinic and the other obstetrician.