Heyl Royster



Schag Contributes to The Judge Advocate General’s Corps Reserve Report


Each year The Judge Advocate General’s Corp Reserve Report is a significant publication documenting and highlighting the prior year’s contributions of the Air Force Reserve to the Total Force Concept of Operations. In the past, some of Mike Schag’s activities have been featured in this report, often connected to his contributions as a leader in the Air Force Reserve’s marquis trial advocacy training program. However, for this year’s report covering the activity of 2018, his dual civilian and Air Force legal career was highlighted in a section entitled, "Developing Exceptional Leaders." As the title suggests, it serves to showcase a handful of Air Force Reserve leaders demonstrating capability non-existent or scarce to the regular Air Force. It was noted that while Schag serves as an Appellate Judge on the United States Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, at the same time the success of his civilian career “leverages” well against the military backdrop to provide “unique skills . . . that can be called forward to benefit the service and the department.”