Heyl Royster



Heyl Royster Attorneys Recently Author Articles in Several Publications


In the 4th Quarter edition of the IDC Quarterly, Keith Fruehling and Bryan Vayr co-authored, "Civil Rights Update – Supreme Court: Probable Cause Defeats a First Amendment Retaliation Claim . . . Except When It Doesn’t." Roger Clayton, Mark Hansen, and Emily Perkins co-authored, "Health Law – Battery Claim Arising From Use of New Medical Device Dismissed." Patrick Cloud wrote, "Insurance Law Update – The Insurance Placement Liability Act After Skaperdas v. Country Casualty Insurance Company."

In the 2019 Workers’ Compensation Practice IICLE volume, Brad Peterson authored chapter 12, "Medicare Secondary Payer Statute," and Dana Hughes co-authored chapter 5, "Procedure, Appeals, and Special Remedies," with retired Heyl Royster attorney, Brad Elward.

Mark Hansen and Tyler Pratt co-authored chapter 3, "The Statute of Frauds," in the 2020 Contract Law IICLE volume.