Heyl Royster


Heyl Royster


Overview of the 2018 Annual Report


By: Toney Tomaso, ttomaso@heylroyster.com

New Cases Filed in FY18

Chicago (1 hearing site): 17,196    Downstate (18 sites): 21,196

Cases Opened

In 2018, approximately 2,100 arbitration Decisions were issued, and approximately 51% of those Decisions were appealed to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Thereafter, the Commission (appeal) issued 860 Decisions and of those 860 Decisions filed by the Commission, 25% were appealed to the Circuit Courts. We had 208 Circuit Court Decisions issued in 2018, and 80 Appellate Court Decisions. There were no Supreme Court Decisions issued in 2018. Please understand, it is not uncommon for the Illinois Supreme Court to hear no workers’ compensation claims. Frankly, it is rare that they hear any workers’ compensation claims/appeals.

Decisions and Appeals

On the subject matter of cost to employers when dealing with workers’ compensation claims and the associated costs, based upon data provided by Oregon Estimate of Premium Rates (https://www.oregon.gov/dcbs/reports/Documents/general/prem-sum/18-2082.pdf) and the latest statistics for 2018, Illinois was at $1.80 (per $100.00 of payroll) in comparison to the median rank based upon the 50 states of $1.70. Our ranking in 2018 was 22 out of a possible 51. Please keep in mind, the No. 1 ranking would note the state which has the most expensive premium rate. Therefore, this statistic tells us that our premium rates for 2018 were more in line with what our premium rates were in 2006. This is the lowest the premium rate has been for quite some time.

Cost to Employers

In comparing injury rates between our state and the United States (injury per 100,000 workers), we are at 3,028, wherein the U.S. average is approximately 3,200. We are under the median norm at this time. In comparing ourselves to other states in the Midwest, Illinois is toward the bottom in comparison to Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana. We are more in line with the number of injuries per 100,000 workers when looking at the State of Michigan. Compared to other large industrial states such as Pennsylvania, California, Florida and Texas, we would also consider ourselves in the middle of that pack. For example, the State of California averages 4,200 injuries per 100,000 workers.

Frequency of Injury Per 100,000 Workers

Illinois: 3,028    Countrywide: 3,201

I find these statistics useful and informative as to how the State of Illinois is doing with its workers’ compensation claims in comparison to other states, and in comparison to ourselves from prior years. Generally speaking, we are doing well, but there is room for improvement. I have enclosed a link to the full report, on file at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and the State of Illinois, if you would like to examine the full report for further details.