Heyl Royster


2013 Legislation Signed Into Law By Governor Quinn

Another legislative session has ended, and our General Assembly was very busy. Over 3,600 bills were introduced, and of those, 589 were passed by both houses and signed into law by Governor Quinn.

As expected, many of these almost 600 new "Public Acts" influence you and your unit of government. Some (such as the one authorizing concealed carry) received a lot of press, but here are a few examples of other important changes to your existing powers or obligations that will take effect in the coming months:

Senate Bill 2268 (Now Public Act 98-0549)

This Act amends 60 ILCS 1/30-50 of the Township Code, which authorizes the use or sale of township and road district property. Section 30-50 will now allow these public bodies to lease or sell personal property by a vote of the township board or at the request of the township highway commissioner. These officials will soon be able to authorize the sale of personal property by a licensed auctioneer or an approved internet auction service. This change also provides that the township board or highway commissioner (versus the electors previously) can declare real or personal property surplus (which can impact requirements on the bidding process).

House Bill 2488 (Public Act 98-0420)

You may recall the Illinois Local Government Professional Services Selection Act requires you to follow certain procedures when selecting an architect, engineer or land surveyor for particular construction projects. Under this new law, you must now also mail or email notices requesting a professional's interest in a project and place an advertisement for those services on the public body's website.

House Bill 2540 (Public Act 98-0173)

For years, you have been sending your annual ordinance setting your Prevailing Wage rates to both the Illinois Secretary of State and the Illinois Department of Labor. When you pass the ordinance in 2014, you will only need to file proof of the ordinance with the Department of Labor.

If you have questions on these or any other new laws taking effect in Illinois, please let us know.