Heyl Royster


Heyl Royster


Legislative Update


Proposed Workers' Compensation Initiative – SB 1429

On February 6, 2013, Senator Kyle McCarter introduced the Illinois Chamber's workers' compensation initiative (SB 1429).  It has been assigned to the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee.  The legislation addresses four important areas needing improvement:  establishing a higher causation standard, capping body as a whole awards benefits at 500 weeks, providing credits for prior injuries and reversing the recent Will County Forest Preserve decision which designated shoulder injuries as body as a whole benefits.  The legislation also clarifies the definition of injured workers' average weekly wages. 

Proposed Amendment to Illinois Human Rights Act Would Extend Obligations – HB 1030

On January 30, 2013, Rep. Mary Flowers introduced HB 1030 which amends the Illinois Human Rights Act to provide that it is a civil rights violation for an employer to refuse to provide reasonable accommodations for an employee for conditions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions.